User Content or UGC Content

Another trend of 2021 is user-generated content, UGC and link telegram viral. The most popular format for such content is customer reviews, but this also includes video reviews, photos of users with branded products, and even ordinary feedback comments under product posts.

It would seem a hackneyed trick – people are already willing to share their opinion about a purchase or service, but before they did it bypassing brands on specialized sites. Now companies are turning their accounts into a platform for users: you can hear the voice of the client without leaving social networks.

Brands took this step for two reasons:

Showing loyalty. If you value your customers, they value your brand. Give customers the opportunity to speak directly and show that you care.
Collection of positive feedback. It’s no secret that there are more negative reviews online – people write them to share their experience, warn others from an unsuccessful purchase, and just let off steam. When the brand itself motivates the buyer to leave a review about a product or service, it increases the chance of receiving a positive review and thus builds the trust of the audience.
An effective incentive to leave positive feedback can be a discount, a promotional code for a new purchase, or a gift as a token of gratitude for the feedback.

In addition to testimonials, reviews, reviews, and comments, there are more creative ways to create user-generated content. So Coca-Cola within the framework of the international campaign “Share a Coke” is nothing but a step towards rapprochement with the public.