Instagram launches ‘Recreate Video Reels’ feature

Instagram is testing a new feature called Recreate Video Reels. It is needed in order to make it easier to shoot videos, with characteristic movements, with dances or reactions.

We understand how this feature works and how to use it to shoot your videos.

Instagram brings TikTok-like short videos to India with ‘Reels’.

How Instagram’s Recreate Video Reels feature works and how to use it

We offer simple instructions.

Step 1. Open the video in Reels, similar to which we want to make. Click on the three dots on the right.

Step 2. In the menu that appears, select the “Recreate Reels Video” item.

Step 3: The Reels Camera opens with the original video playing in the right corner.

Step 4. Press the record button and repeat the movements. Please note that the length of your video will be the same as the original one and the same music will sound.

When everything is ready, we publish the video.